Saturday, 13. April 2024

IbB Engineering GmbH is a non-exclusive contract partner of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions GmbH for the distribution of Bosch products. Bosch is the world leader in Event Data Recorder (EDR) information and imaging technology. Since 2000, Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) products have been trusted internationally by law enforcement, crash researchers, auto manufacturers and government agencies to access EDR information on a wide range of passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.

We have the right to distribute the above mentioned Bosch products (see in the following geographical areas: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA region). We are also entitled to sale sub-licenses of the CDR software for end users.

The basic equipment consists of the CDR-Kit (CDR = Crash Data Retrieval). This comprises the CDR interface (green box in the picture below) and a connection cable for the OBD port of a vehicle and a power supply.

The CDR interface must be connected to a laptop or notebook, which is not included. The associated Bosch software must be installed on the computer. The software is available as an annual license.

With the CDR-kit and the software data can be read from vehicles that are equipped with an EDR (Event Data Recorder), and in which the selection option is activated by the manufacturer. These are in the moment a few vehicles only (mostly imported cars), but the number of vehicles is steadily increasing. A legal provision for the installation of EDR for Europe is still lacking.

The needed equipment and the connection to a vehicle is shown in the following image:

In addition to this "normal" readout, control devices can be read directly still mounted in a vehicle or demounted on a workbench connected to the CDR interface via special cables.

These special cables are required because the interfaces on control devices depend on manufacturer, model and year. The available cables are increasing with the new vehicle models.

The available cables and adapters and further information is available on the BOSCH websites: