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CDR Operators and Experts in the EMEA Region and in the Independent States

A short history of IbB Engineering GmbH concerning the training for CDR Experts what we have done since beginning of our work and who was be trained in the EMEA region by us and our partners:

  • 2013 autumn: first contact with Bosch.
  • 2013 autumn: we found an American Training Organisation willing to support us. That were the Brad Muir and Jon Northrup, Crash Data Specialists, Kanada and USA.
  • 2014 March: IbB Engineering GmbH was authorised as a not exclusive training organization and distributor for the EMEA region.
  • 14 March: First 5-day training took place at the AWG Academy in Kottenheim.
  • 2014 December: Second 5-day training was performed at the same place.
  • 2015 November: Third 5-day training at the AWG Academy.
  • 2016 March: 6 th 5-day training at the AWG Academy.

All participants until now are listed below: