Friday, 20. September 2019

CDR Operators and Experts in the EMEA Region and in the Independent States

A short history of IbB Engineering GmbH

2013 autumn: first contact with Bosch.

2014 March: IbB Engineering GmbH was authorized as a non-exclusive distributor for the regions mentioned above.

Since 2013 a lot of persons have been trained for data readout. Some of this persons have bought BOSCH CDR Equipment.

This owners and users of the CDR Equipment are: police stations, accident reconstruction experts, insurance companies, car manufacturers, after sales organizations, service specialists etc.

In some European countries the police is very well equipped and skilled in data readout. If data are available, experts for accident reconstruction with special training are needed. This experts have to have CDR Equipment too, because of necessary cooperation with police forces or private clients.

This so called "CDR Specialists" are listed on our website and can be ordered if needed.

IbB CDR Specialists

NameCompanyPostal codeCityStreet
BehrensRickert GmbH & Co. KG24536NeumünsterKieler Straße 463
BlancDTC Dynamic Test Center2537VauffelinRoute Principale 127
BrockmannBrockmann Ingenieure GmbH56736KottenheimAugust-Horch-Str. 5
BurgIngenieurbüro Dr. Burg54472BurgenBrauneberger Straße 3
BurgIngenieurbüro Dr. Burg64283DarmstadtMathildenplatz 11
BurgIngenieurbüro Dr. Burg65191WiesbadenRostocker Straße 19
BurgIngenieurbüro Dr. Burg8142UtikonZürcherstrasse 2
CardignoEngineering Office25124BresciaVia Tiziano 101
ChristiaensChristiaens Dirk NV8500KortrijkVredelaan 38
GluttingIngenieurbüro Glutting - Zentralbüro Bayern91186BüchenbachAm Espan 18
GluttingIngenieurbüro Glutting - Büro Bayern Süd80993MünchenDonaustauferstraße 38
GluttingIngenieurbüro Glutting - Büro Bayern Nord96145SeßlachBischwind 36
GossensIngenieurbüro Lehmkuhl47574GochAm Sandthof 5
HansenDanCrash7400HerningGudenavej 25
LehmkuhlIngenieurbüro Lehmkuhl47574GochAm Sandthof 5
OlszowskiTechnical Expertise and Trainings Bureau26600Radomul. Mireckiego 12 lok. 8
PriesterIng.-Büro Dr. Priester66115SaarbrückenAngela-Braun-Str. 16
Van LaereOngevallenanalyse ApeldoornNL-7335GR ApeldoornHoenderparkweg 57
Van LierdeAR Consulting BVBA1852GrimbergenMeerstraat 40
WeydeIngenieur- und Sachverständigenbüro Priester & Weyde12207BerlinHeinrichstraße 5-6