Monday, 06. April 2020

CDR Training Partners and Consultants for BOSCH CDR Equipment

This are persons or companies, who want to establish a relationship to co-operate in a broad range of areas and to work together for their mutual benefit. The parties may seek to encourage and develop collaborative activities in various ways. The memorandum is currently limited to Poland.

The collaboration may involve:

  • Training for data read out from vehicles equipped with Event Data Recorders using the BOSCH CDR TOOL.
  • Performing Conference dealing with experience and news.
  • Offering support for trained persons.
  • Distribution of equipment on behalf of IbB, payment only directly to IbB, delivery only after payment.
  • Other activities.

Training Partners and Consultants

NameCompanyPostal codeCityStreet
ChristiaensChristiaens Dirk NV8500KortrijkVredelaan 38
KanellopoulosCrash Analysis and Recontruction Expertises Georgios59300AlexandreiaThemistokli Sofouli 13
OlszowskiTechnical Expertise and Trainings Bureau26600Radomul. Mireckiego 12 lok. 8